Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Happy "Throw Molly Norris Under The Bus!" Day.

Actually its "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" but given that poor old Molly has a real live Fatwa O' Death against her by some freak named Anwar al-Awlaki, I figure we should rename it.

Anwar al-Awalaki, guy who condemned young women to death for drawing things.
Luckily for the world, Anwar-baby had a falling out with a Predator drone in Yemen on September 30, 2011, so there's that.

Predator drone shooting Hellfire missile.

Artist's conception of Anwar's car right afterward.
You play with the bull, you get the horn.

But even though Anwar's gone on to his reward, whatever that may be I'll leave up to the Almighty, Molly is still under the bus.

To recap, Molly Norris drew this rather nice and funny cartoon 'way back in 2010. That's like four years ago, dude. It went viral, because its damn clever, frankly. Then the death threats started rolling in, and Molly Norris has completely disappeared. Vanished, poof. And she's still gone, four years later. Probably waiting tables in some roadside bar in Missouri. I'd put her picture up, but it might make her life harder. So I'll put up her poster instead.

Yeah, this is worth killing over.
To date, ZERO feminist, Leftist or other Progressive Human Rights-type organizations have come forward to protect, help or even verbally support Molly.

Molly being both a girl and an avowed DemocRat Lefty herself, I think all of y'all out there who consider yourselves Lefties, hipsters, artists, or generally anybody who doesn't rate the label "cis-male gendernormative Fascist" ought to take a moment to hang your heads in shame at the way Molly has been trashed and forgotten.

Yea, verily.

Worse, you know who's the only people paying a lick of attention to her plight? Your avowed enemies. The people Molly used to trash in her cartoons.  The cis-gender Fascist Christian God-bothering crowd. The pickup truck driving, gun toting, beer swilling, red-necked Capitalist enemies of Gaia crowd. The SUN TV/Robert Spencer crowd.
I must say I don't think much of a Progressive Social Justice Movement that so easily ditches its adherents. Not the kind of club I'd want to be in.
The Phantom

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