Sunday, May 18, 2014

Just how small are these GPS trackers?

GPS tracked oxycontin bottle? Yes!
Really fricking small, my friends.

Police shot and killed an armed man suspected of robbing a drugstore on the Upper East Side Friday afternoon, the NYPD confirmed.
Scott Kato, 45, robbed the HealthSource Pharmacy on Second Avenue and 68th Street Friday afternoon, demanding cash and OxyContin, police said. He fled in an SUV and made almost 30 blocks when cops tracked him down, police said. How? One of the pill bottles he took from the drugstore was actually a decoy containing a GPS device, police said.

GPS tracker in a pill bottle. Everybody got that? Mostly battery too. The GPS part is like a quarter inch square.

Coming soon to every single thing you buy? No technical or financial reason why it can't be included in anything with electronics in it, from clock radios to cars, watches, toys, whatever. If it plugs in or runs on batteries, it can in principle include GPS tracking capability. Smartphones already have it.

On the bright side, there are lots of radio-frequency detectors out there that can sniff out teeny weeny little bugs, or you can make your own.

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