Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nothing changes but the colour of the shirts.

Imagine this with a pink plaid fedora on top. That's Brandeis 2014.

Dan Henninger in the Wall Street Journal today, speaking about the speech chill falling on the Ivy League school's commencement ceremonies. After Ayaan Hirisi Ali and Christine Lagaard were forced to cancel their speeches at Brandeis University and Smith College, Tuesday a genuine ivory tower Über Leftist was forced out... from the Left!

On Tuesday, Haverford College's graduating intellectuals forced commencement speaker Robert J. Birgeneau to withdraw. Get this: Mr. Birgeneau is the former chancellor of UC Berkeley, the big bang of political correctness. ... Berkeley's Mr. Birgeneau is famous as an ardent defender of minority students, the LGBT community and undocumented illegal immigrants.

Mr. Henninger offers this wisdom to the various college heads.
Mr. Birgeneau, Ms. McCartney, Mr. Weiss and indeed many others in American academe must wonder what is happening to their world this chilled spring.
Here's the short explanation: You're all conservatives now.

Welcome to the Conservative fold, my formerly liberal friends. You are under the bus, baby.  You are now just another red necked, beer swilling, climate denying, pickup driving, racist/sexist/homophobe/bigot tool of the Patriarchy, clinging to your guns and religion.

Better buy a buttload of ammo and start praying to God you won't need it, just like the rest of us.

The Phantom

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