Monday, May 19, 2014

American vets complain about Canadian-style medical care.

In medical care as in all other things, you get what you pay for.

PHOENIX -- The veterans who use the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health System are angry, sick and scared.
They say they call and call, but get no answer.
They say they are ignored, disrespected and turned away by employees with no medical training.

They say they wait months for an appointment with a primary care doctor, then wait several more months to see a specialist.
More than 200 veterans and family members packed into American Legion Post 41 to share horror stories of delays, misdiagnoses and poor treatment with the national commander of the American Legion and the interim director of the Phoenix VA. Steve Young took over after whistleblowers revealed secret waiting lists used to cover up backlogs and extensive wait times.

Welcome, my American friends, to Canadian socialized medicine. We feel your pain.

But remember, this is a universal Rule Of The Universe: when you pay nothing, you get nothing. When you pay government to be the middle-man, you get nothing PLUS you get abuse and disrespect along with your nothing. Like a side order of smackdown.

VA patients currently have the option of going to a non-government hospital and getting actual medical care. Canadians have to leave the country to get that. We have no private care in Canada, we have to drive to Buffalo.

Presently, when Obamacare really starts to bite down, there will be no private option. ALL hospitals will be the VA, and ALL doctors will be the burned-out wrecks that work at the VA.

This will suck a lot more than you think. Ask a Canadian, they'll tell you.

The Phantom

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