Saturday, April 16, 2011

Waterloo proves the Lefty rot has spread to engineering school.

Two posts I spotted at Five Feet of Fury today prove that the Ivory Tower in Canada today is ruled over by humorless, incompetent peckerheads who are also utter hypocrites.

Item: Victorian prudery isn't dead!

The University of Waterloo in Canada has suspended a team of students who built a racecar after a female member was photographed posing next to the car in a bikini and high heels.

University spokesman Michael Strickland said the temporary suspension is in response to an "inappropriate and denigrating" photograph that appeared online, as well as in Tuesday's edition of the Waterloo Region Record.

"The decision also considered the guidelines in place to ensure the safety of students," Strickland wrote in an email to "The university's engineering design centre, where the photo was taken, has rules covering the type of equipment that can be brought in as well as the manner in which it can be used." 

Students on the Formula SAE team will now be unable to enter the car in an international contest to be held in Michigan next month since the suspension lasts until June 1, the Waterloo Region Record reports.

Translation:  The token females in the Eng department were jealous of both the girl's brains AND her "equipment", so they stabbed her in the back the best way they could.  If the kids on this team have any stones they'll tell the UofW to shove that suspension up their ass and go compete anyway.  I'd haul their car to Michigan as a public service.

Item: When criminals do this we call it "collusion".

It's reported that student debt in the USA is approaching a trillion dollars, five times what it was ten years ago.

Are those in debt buying more education or are they seeking better branding in the form of coveted diplomas? (…) 

Neither.  They're reacting to the fact that large companies and all GOVERNMENT AGENCIES require specific accreditation degrees and courses for all jobs.  You can't get a government job cleaning computers without being A+ certified.  Certification is the craze which has swept private and public orgs alike, as they require not just evidence that the job applicant in front of them is competent, they require a guarantee.  And as this demand for people to be certified competent has risen, so universities have jumped on the chance to SELL COURSES to the poor bastards trying to get certified.  Often in cooperation with government and industry, because certification goes hand in hand with regulation.  With the enthusiastic applause from banks.  Student loans pay pretty good.

Example, American universities in the last ten years have started offering a "Doctorate" in Physical Therapy.  Which doesn't mean the graduates have done and defended some original science in a thesis. nonono!  They took some COURSES, and got a PT-PhD -certificate-.  Which is utter bilge, from a science/scholarship perspective.  But of late, hospitals, schools and companies have started requiring a PT-PhD for management positions, where previously a Masters was considered sufficient. (Masters in PT is also bullshit IMHO, and I have one.)  So who's in PT-PhD courses?  Older PTs who need to get into management because their bones are starting to hurt from lifting fat fugly patients all day. Do they need these courses to do a management job?  No.  Do they need it to -get- a a management job?  Oh yeah.

I believe the certification craze will shortly come to an end on its own, as big industry all moves off-shore and governments go stony broke.

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