Friday, April 15, 2011

By popular demand, The Phantom losing it. Again.

I post a lot of comments at Small Dead Animals.  This is one I posted earlier today in response to Kate's linking to this article about what bastards the French are for banning the burka, that tent-like garment some Muslim women wear.

It kinda hit my button:

Anybody who uses the term "scapegoat" in an article like this is a leftist idiot. In one breath this genius warns of dire consequence from banning the burka (which garment is an offense against his very own views of women's rights), in the next breath if asked he will surely support a 100% ban on firearms.

Therefore one may assume he thinks its is bad for government to ban things, except those things he doesn't approve of.

Me, I think its a bad idea for government to ban the burka too. It gives them ideas.

I propose it would be sufficient to RETURN the right of shop keepers and private property owners to refuse access to burka wearers, a la "no shirt, no shoes, no service". Serve them if they loose the tent, otherwise no.

We don't need Big Brother to protect us from the scary dangerous tent-ladies, unless we have already lost all our rights to determine our own culture and control who enters our own property.

People who want to wear the tent can wear it at home. Maybe they can start tent colonies, the way weirdos have had nudist colonies all these years.

Governments don't decide what Canadians will or won't tolerate. WE DO.

Nothing to add. 

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