Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gun control not enough for Nova Scotia!

In news today, Nova Scotia has decided that not only are you not going to be able to shoot back, you better damn well DIE when they shoot you.

Nova Scotia is going to regulate the sale and possession of body armour.

Justice Minister Ross Landry says it's a reasonable safety measure because more people involved in criminal activity are wearing armour.

He says the legislation will be based on laws in British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba where only people who legitimately need body armour can have it.

People without a permit or licence to possess or sell body armour can be charged and the product seized.

Canada is a frigging stupid country.   License to own BODY ARMOR?!!!  WTF?!!!  Its a passive protective device, it has no offensive use!

What if you have a freaky neighbor and you can't get a GUN PERMIT?  What if your ex says he/she is going to KILL YOU and you can't get a GUN PERMIT? What if you are the counter clerk at 7/11 and you get robbed twelve times a year?  And you can't get a GUN PERMIT?

We have to be the biggest imbeciles in the world to let guys like  Ross Landry run things.


Anonymous said...

That's Canada for you, bureaucracy creating more of itself to justify itself.

I wonder if there is any hope for a new 'party' whose sole running platform is to undo everything done since , or i donno the 60's.

S said...

This whole banning Body Armour in NS is completely ridiculous, and can't believe that it's been done. Not only will this law do nothing to stop criminals from getting, using, buying, or selling armour, it only stops good people from purchasing it. It's a load of rubbish, we need to rid our province of the NDP's tyranny. Next provincial election, vote out Ross Landry, and the NDP and vote in someone who will get rid of these stupid laws and lower our damn taxes.