Friday, April 01, 2011

3D printer with ~0.001" resolution, very cool!

This is a link to Junior Veloso's blog, where he's documenting his 3D printer build.  Its a very impressive achievement.  He's using a photo-setting resin with a DLP projection light source to make the image, and has managed to tweak this thing to very high resolution.  He can print at about 3.5 cm/minute, reportedly.

By the way, if there was ever a case where lawyers are holding back progress for all of us, this is it. The reason he hasn't released his whole build so far is he's afraid of getting sued for IP infringement.  I expect the DLP chip or controller has some kind of bullsh1t  legal verbiage attached, and he can't afford to hire a lawyer as part of his development.  Obviously!  Who hires a lawyer when they want to hack the guts of an expired color TV?

The Phantom

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