Sunday, February 20, 2011

So, how much damage could two measly shoplifters do anyway?

Five. Million. Bucks.  From one chain. That they know of.

Safeway officials say they have proof that a local couple stole more than $5 million in merchandise from stores in the Portland Metro area over the past several years.

Police arrested Richard Lavern Remington, 52, and Angela Rose Evans, 32, on Tuesday and the couple was arraigned in Multnomah County Circuit Court Wednesday.

The probable cause affidavit showed that Safeway began formally tracking the pair last November after suspicions surfaced they had been shoplifting.

Interesting to note Mr. Lavern there already had a parole violation, and should have been in jail the whole time he was stealing all this stuff.
That's a pile of money to lose, but just imagine how much the EMPLOYEES rack up in five finger discounts.

The Phantom

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