Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crazy is not just an industry, its a growth industry.

From Kate's Small Dead Animals today, this sparkling gem of insanity that needs to be widely spread.

If Washington voters were to approve it, this measure would make it illegal for Washington farmers to raise egg-laying hens in cages. Additionally, regular eggs would be banned from grocery stores. (Unlike in California's "Proposition 2," there's no ambiguity about whether farmers can use "enriched" cages of the type that Temple Grandin and the American Humane Association endorse. They would also be banned.)

Signature-gathering animal rights activists will likely tell voters that the only way to ensure hens lead happy and healthy lives is to force every farmer to go cage-free.

Tell all your friends.  Or get used to the idea of eggs that cost a dollar each.

The Carnivorous Phantom

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