Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Does Tony Clement not have a phone or what?

Oh look, the Conservative Party just woke up and fired a gray cell.  Amazing, they finally noticed they'd been shot in the ass by the CRTC.
The Harper government is stepping into a contentious debate over just how much Canadians should pay for Internet service, as Industry Minister Tony Clement says he will review a federal regulator's decision that will raise prices [MASSIVELY] for consumers and businesses.
For the Liberal Party, regulating the Internet downward this way is advantageous, because they 100% own the mainstream media in this country.  There is not a Canadian newspaper, radio or TV station in existence that doesn't carry water for the Liberals.
The Conservatives get their word out 100% by INTERNET.  They live or die by blogs, YouTube, social network.  For them the CRTC decision is a two-by-four to the head.  Where the hell was Tony Clement last week before the decision was given?  He couldn't call up the CRTC and have a quiet word?  Even the frickin' Liberal guy is saying its a bad idea!

Liberal industry critic Marc Garneau, who said he will pressure Mr. Clement to throw the decision back to the regulator, said he doesn't buy the large providers' arguments about Internet network traffic and congestion.

"There's more and more use," Mr. Garneau said. "But to some extent, it's also self-serving as well. And in this case, the ruling of the CRTC has gone too much in favour of the arguments presented by the big players."

Yeah, no duh!

This country just kills me sometimes, I swear.  WTF are these people doing every day?

The Phantom

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