Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg, no lie too heinous to tell.

Yes friends, in the world of New York City politics there is no rock too scummy to turn over, no shite-pile too rank to dig into for a cheap stunt, no lie so heinous it shouldn't be told, no wounded woman you can't step on to get a leg up..

Weeks after the shooting in Tucson, sellers at an Arizona gun show allowed undercover investigators hired by New York City to buy semiautomatic pistols even after they said they probably couldn't pass a background check, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Monday.

"After Tucson, you would think that people, particularly at a gun show in Arizona, would have been much more careful in enforcing the law," he said. "That unfortunately in some cases wasn't the case."

Bloomberg has authorized similar sting operations around the country as part of a push for tougher federal laws to help keep guns off the streets of New York.

 The lie here is that you can buy a gun at a gun show in Arizona without going through the background check.  Nuh uh.  Not happening.  Those "investigators" got checked, they filled out the paperwork, the works.

Just thought you should know.

The Phantom

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