Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Yorkers behaving badly. As usual.

Here's something I've never heard before, New Yorkers are frickin' rude assholes.

Study: 'Sidewalk Rage' Plagues New York City Streets

They needed a study for this? 

I remember walking with a friend in the rich snooty part of NYC, out in front of Bloomingdales or some such.  I turned my head to say something to my friend, and this well dressed older woman stiff-armed me.  And of course fell right on her ass, because stiff-arming The Phantom is like stiff-arming a Clydesdale.  The horse ain't going to be the one that moves.  She kinda bounced off me and measured herself on the pavement, I thought she'd broken a hip or something.  I bend over to see if she's ok, she starts yelling "YOU'RE IN MY WAY!!!".  I can't recall if I offered to kick her a couple times while she was down there, or if I just thought it really loud.  I do believe we helped her up though, good manners are firmly ingrained in Canadian boys pretty much at a reflex level.

Its the kind of thing that I've never seen happen anywhere else but Noo Yawk.  What a dump.

The Phantom Clydesdale.

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