Friday, February 18, 2011

More helpful signs of FREAKING OUT on the Left.

Republicans are scoring all over the place!

When did demonstrating at the private homes of politicians or corporate executives become an acceptable way to voice one's political opinions?

Nearly two dozen activists from DC Vote swarmed House Speaker John Boehner's Capitol Hill residence at 7:30 Thursday morning, chanting "Don't tread of D.C." and "No taxation without representation" to protest congressional "meddling" in the District's local affairs, in particular a House continuing budget resolution that would cut $80 million in federal payments and prohibit the city from using local funds to pay for needle exchange programs and abortions.

"Speaker Boehner is coming to our home telling us how to spend our money," Ilir Zherka, the group's executive director, told his followers. "We decided to come to his house to tell him to leave D.C. alone."

After Capitol Police officers blocked their way by using bikes to erect a makeshift barricade, the protestors remained outside Boehner's home for more than an hour.

This is the same tactic used last month by protestors who don't want Wal-Mart to open a new store in D.C.

This time the cops actually showed up and got their job done, suspiciously different that when the SEIU invaded the grounds of Bank of America lawyer Greg Baer's house and scared the hell out of his kids. And no doubt the neighbor's kids. That time the cops stood around and didn't do anything. Interesting coincidence, cops are part of the SEIU.

When the Left starts in doing this, it is double plus good. First goodness, they only pull this crap when they are afraid of somebody. Second goodness, when the vast electorate sees these assholes mobbing the house of a guy they elected, who won his election fair and square, who was elected because of the public policy the idiots are protesting, which policy is simple, obvious common sense to save money and lower taxes, well then the vast electorate gets kinda pissed off! And the next election rolls around, the Left loses even harder, and the cycle repeats and repeats.

A couple more incidents like this one where union thugs mob a guy's house, and maybe they even invade the house and punch the guy out, that's going to be EXCELLENT. Among other things, it will forever kill the myth that the police can protect you from mobs, the myth that Republicans are violent racists, the myth that Democrats are loving and tolerant guardians of Da Liddle Guy, and the myth that more government is better government.

Among other positive outcomes will be a solidification of the Castle Doctrine in American law, the final stake through the heart of gun control, and an awakening to the fact that full-auto .308 is not overkill for home defense. You've got 25-30 guys kicking in your front door so they can kill/mangle/shred you and kill/mangle/shred your family, the old reliable coach gun just ain't going to cut it. Select-fire FN-FAL will start showing up over the mantle in every home in America, where it belongs. Short barrel, sound suppressed. Why not dream big? ~:D

The Full-Auto Phantom

Thug update already: Tire slashing and car vandalism in Idaho!
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