Wednesday, February 01, 2017

We need to talk about Judith Timson. I fear for her sanity.

This is some serious crazy right here:

We need to talk about this. We need to connect all the dots. Leitch has said, emboldened by surveys, that "70 per cent of Canadians agree" with her proposal to screen for values, which while she never says it out loud, seem at every turn to be referencing Muslims.

I am not blaming Leitch directly for the mosque killings. I am simply stating that all her words and proposals matter, and those words can help incite fear, hatred and violence.


Leitch, however derivative — she has been called Trump Lite — and those like her should now be asked at every turn how their views differ from the ones that Alexandre Bissonnette admired. 

And the rest of us? We need to challenge ourselves, too on our own words and thoughts. We need to stand up not only to obvious demagogic bullies like Donald Trump — that's kind of the easy part — but to soft talking "otherizers" like Kellie Leitch. 

The lives of our fellow citizens and maybe even our own may depend on it.

Kelly Leitch is running for the Consevative Party of Canada leadership right now. She is now my new favorite Canadian politician.

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