Thursday, February 16, 2017

Twitter explains, "SHUT UP!!!"

Good thing I never Twitter.

Twitter has launched a new way to punish users for bad behavior, temporarily "limiting" their account.

Some users are receiving notices their accounts are limited for 12 hours, meaning only people who follow them can see their tweets or receive notifications. When they are retweeted, people outside their network can't see those retweets.

Some speculate these limitations are automatic based on keywords, but there is no hard evidence.

This would be fine if this was used uniformly to clamp down on harassment, but it appears to be used on people, simply for using politically incorrect language.

Take for example the Twitter user @Drybones5 who got his account limited after using the word "retarded."

He claims he got his account limited directly after saying retarded twice. The first time he called a Nintendo policy adding paid extra content to their new Zelda game retarded.

Yes, they are responding to the Rise of Trump by doubling down on their liberal/socialist behavior. They will do what didn't work before, twice as hard and twice as fast.

It is distressing to see this kind of behavior in tech companies, but not surprising. Techies don't run companies. MBAs do. MBAs listen to the Conventional Wisdom, as offered up in the Conventional Media. Twitter Inc. probably thinks this move will expand their user base and make their brand more valuable. Because they are -stupid- and do not understand how the world works.

Or, possibly somebody like Soros offered them a zillion dollars.

At time like these, I embrace the power of and. Evidence indicates they are venal AND stupid.

Needless to say, shortly there will be a company called Twitter Inc. for sale, cheap. Faster, please.

I fully expect the retarded retards at Google Blogspot and ArseBook to pull the same retarded maneuver. Good thing the Internet treats censorship as damage and routes around it.

The Phantom

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