Sunday, February 12, 2017

Oops! NOAA caught cheatin'.

It appears that the NOAA Climate Scientists have been fudging. Wow, didn't see that coming, right?

They were duped – and so were we. That was the conclusion of last week's damning revelation that world leaders signed the Paris Agreement on climate change under the sway of unverified and questionable data.
A landmark scientific paper –the one that caused a sensation by claiming there has been NO slowdown in global warming since 2000 – was critically flawed. And thanks to the bravery of a whistleblower, we now know that for a fact.
Really? Say on, good sir.
It turns out that when NOAA compiled what is known as the 'version 4' dataset, it took reliable readings from buoys but then 'adjusted' them upwards – using readings from seawater intakes on ships that act as weather stations.
They did this even though readings from the ships have long been known to be too hot.
No kidding. They do that with the land based readings too. Here's an example, Furnace Creek and Badwater stations in Death Valley are deliberate set up to make new temperature records.

Can you say heat island?

But wait, there's even more:

Our revelations showed there was another problem with the Pausebuster paper – it used an untested experimental version of the dataset recording temperatures on land, which had not been properly archived and made accessible to other scientists.

Yeah, using data that nobody else is allowed to see in a no-no in science. Not so much in climate science though, apparently. They do this shit all the time.

You'd have to be an idiot or a DemocRat to take this stuff at face value anymore.

The Phantom

Update, just for Camestros Felpatron, Michael Mann is a political activist. Harder to delete mentions of Michael Mann here, eh?

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