Tuesday, February 21, 2017

SJWs and S&M is a thing?

Here we have a post that's making the rounds. I saw it first in the comments at According To Hoyt, today its at Small Dead Animals as well. It rang a chime in my brain, so I linked it yesterday here.

Go on social media, and you will see SJWs telling us that Nazis are everywhere, that they are evil, and foul, and legion. They are in the White House, they are on Youtube, they are on Twitter, they are in Video Games. Nazis, everywhere. And so they march out into the streets, the Black Bloc, Antifascists engaging in what Tom Kratman calls a bit of political theater (not unlike Fascists once did).
But at the end of a long week of fighting the cisnormative heteropatriarchy, they come to be beaten by men dressed as Nazis, to the gritty beats of loud Industrial music in the depths of an Industrial park.
He goes into considerable detail, so consider yourself warned.

The thing is, according to this guy, this type of behavior is becoming "normal."
However, things have gone slowly downhill over the years. It's a mess, now. Even the BDSM folks are often shocked by it. They've been around a lot longer than most people realize, but there was a time where they were very underground. When to get in, you'd have to know someone, and pretty much everybody respected it as highly private and eccentric. When I first DJed for them, it was because a friend of mine was dating the guy that organized it. I was pretty poor in those days, and the money was good.
These days, bondage is normal. It's everywhere. Everybody does it. It's almost a cliche now. Normal people do bondage like it was something you could find on rollback at a Walmart.

Well, what happens when you can find bondage "on rollback at a Walmart"?

Remember the Abu Ghraib scandal? Prisoners tortured in Iraq by US soldiers? Remember this guy?

That's what you get.

The Phantom.

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