Friday, February 10, 2017

Nothing is ever really gone from the Intenet.

Mr. Camestros Felpatron (clearly a nom de plume) has taken to deleting my comments at his blog. Him being a Leftist, this is not surprising behavior.

Me being me, I kept a copy of my comment. Here it is:

[In a previous comment, Camestros asks:] "Can you actually think for yourself."

This from the man who thinks sucker punching "Nazis" on the street is a legitimate political tactic.

But while we're on the subject of argle-bargle, I have yet to see any of y'all argue coherently against the posted link. Not one.

NOAA made a claim about Africa. Where did the NOAA Africa data come from? The link is to Tony Heller, who proposes that they pulled it out of their ass. He has supporting arguments, with supporting data.

I find his presentation reasonable, and consistent with the previously noted behavior of people like Michael Mann, the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, and others. Also consistent with a photo survey that found a large percentage of NOAA US data units sited in artificially hot environments. Famously, the Death Valley stations at Furnace Creek and Badwater are a particularly egregious example of the trend. Sited deliberately to create a new record high temperature.

You, rather than address Tony Heller, his arguments and his data, deleted my comments. That's not thinking. That's finding a "Nazi" and sucker punching him in the street, internet version.

That's why I try to resist posting links to logical arguments here, Camestros. It's a waste of time.

Now, if you have some -insight- into Tony Heller, his presentation and his conclusions, that might be interesting. And by insight, I mean something other than character assassination.
That's the sort of thing getting deleted by Camestros Felpatron these days. A bald admission that he has no argument, just poo flinging. Again, not a surprising state of affairs for an avowed Warmer and Lefty.

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Sam L. said...

One thing is, so far as I can tell. Some years back, ten or more, I used to read a blog called Cowtown Cop (author was in Ft. Worth). It has disappeared.