Thursday, September 03, 2015

"We won't be taken to camps!" Uh, yeah you will.

With yesterday's searing picture of the poor little boy's body on the beach (which I am NOT going to post or link to!) seared firmly into the public consciousness, today we get this.

Police have stood down at Budapest's main railway station after a two-day standoff with refugees, sparking chaotic scenes.

Witnesses said people rushed platforms after the station's doors were opened, but officials said no trains would be running to western Europe.

Amid the confusion and an intial pause in which the station ran no services at all, some domestic trains were allowed to leave platforms headed for towns not far from the Austrian and Slovakian borders.

But reports from Hungary suggest refugees were hauled off those trains at the first stop west of Budapest, amid a hardening of the rhetoric surrounding the crisis from the Hungarian government.

The big tweet from this cluster fuck is the line, "We won't be taken to camps!"

But you know, they will. Camps are what is in the immediate future. Particularly in formerly Iron Curtain countries such as Hungary, but eventually there will be refugee camps in Germany and Britain. Most likely they will be official ones, with fences and guards. Less likely but still possible, they will be unofficial flops where refugees congregate because no place else will have them.

Camps, either way, are inevitable. As the day follows the night, there will be camps.

Because this is EUROPE, my friends. Camps and camp guards are a tradition in Europe. This is not their first rodeo, as the saying goes. There have been wars across the face of that continent that spanned HUNDREDS OF YEARS. There is -always- somebody on the run, some group displaced by war, some bunch of bastards on a killing spree.

What is remarkable in the Twentieth Century is not the wars, it is the really long peace in Europe. They had SEVENTY FABULOUS YEARS of peace! That never happens over there. Thirty to fifty is the most they ever get, historically. Typically it was about twenty five, just long enough to grow up a new crop of cannon fodder.

And of course, inevitably, instead of making the most of it and getting their shit together, they pissed it away on socialism, beer and skittles. The first fifty years I believe were peaceful due to the constant threat of the Soviet Union, the last thirty have been an orgy of stupidity as ever more asinine economic and political maneuvers have taken hold of the West.

The whole reason there even ARE any refugees is down to Socialists. This is their last frantic grab at power, to dilute the pool of ever-more-conservative voters with new serfs dependent on handouts from Big Jimmy Government.

So the Independent and every goddamn paper who rant that picture of the dead kid can kiss my ass. I know who's responsible for the little boy's death, and I am not the guy.

Here endeth the rant.

P.S. You know what comes after camps, right? Death marches and mass executions. Because European socialists are the ones in charge of this freak show, and that is how they roll.

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