Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Toldja. Templehof airport = new refugee camp.

Even a cursory reading of history, plus the most passing acquaintance with almost any German, tells you that the one thing Germans can't stand is things being untidy. Drives them nuts. They see something out of place, and they go fix it.

What's more untidy than a million Syrians trying to get on German welfare all at the same time? Nothing.

Germans have to fix it. They have to, its a cultural imperative perhaps on the same level as procreation.

Therefore, we are presented with a shiny new CAMP, in Berlin.

Now, the old airport at Tempelhof is about to find yet another incarnation: sheltering some among the massive surge of the migrants and refugees flooding into Germany. Berlin's mayor, Michael Mueller, told the RBB broadcaster over the weekend that one of the airfield's former hangars will be used to provide a roof – a lofty one at that - over the heads of about 800 asylum-seekers, as early as this week.
The need is great. Since the start of the current influx, the German capital has been receiving about 1,000 newcomers a day. More than 65,000 people have arrived in Germany this month, and the yearly tally may run to 1 million or more, officials now acknowledge. With winter fast approaching, housing is a crucial concern, with venues like a disused convention center and former military barracks being pressed into service.

Also mentioned in the article, a new camp on the grounds of the former Spandau prison.

The question that remains is this: How many times can the average German see some random Syrian taking a dump in the gutter before he starts voting for the National Socialist German Workers Party again?

I give it six months.

The Phantom

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Occam said...

I lived with and grew up with Germans - dated their daughters, attended their social functions and clubs - I can tell you one thing about the German psyche as it relates to boorish, belligerent foreigners getting in their face (and this goes beyond their tidy fetish) - just don't go there - I mean on the most visceral level never Fxxk with a German's sense of order and tradition.

From the behaviour I've seen displayed by these mostly African Muslim YOBs, they best stay in the camps or go home - because if they push that Islamo-gansta monkey-boy sxxt in mainstreet Munich/Hamburg/Koln etc. there will be an immediate vigilant backlash that the authorities will be unable to contain. That backlash will form a political party and a government based in rigid ethno-nationalism - it happened before and will happen again.