Thursday, September 24, 2015

The problem with back doors in computers.

My previous post dealt with the possibility that your hard drive my not be deleting things when you tell it to. This is not to your benefit, it is to someone else's. Probably the FBI/DHS/ABCDEFG branch of the US government. They can do things like that, and we know they have been.

Now, there is a problem with this kind of thing, and it is that doors open for whoever has the key. They can also be kicked open.

There's still "only" 21.5-million federal employees whose personnel data have been stolen, but the Office of Personnel Management now admits that they've found that the number of individuals whose fingerprints were swiped is up to 5.6 million.

This is of course the much under-publicized hack of the United States government Office of Personnel Management. Criminals and/or enemy foreign governments have the complete, searchable, exhaustive list of US government employees. With pictures and all sorts of personal info that people are not supposed to know about.

Its a disaster. I don't mean a disaster like a house burnt down, or a storm. I mean a disaster like the Great Chicago Fire, or the San Francisco Earthquake. Foreign governments know -exactly- who works for the US government. It's literally the largest breach of confidentiality in human history. No government has ever fucked up this badly anywhere else, ever.

Question arises, how can something like this happen? How can the government keep their Crown Jewel of digital information on something so crappy that people can steal it?

Well, if hard drives keep secret copies of things that can only be accessed by people with the proper codes, and if iPhones keep track of your movements whether you like it or not and transmit that data to Apple, and if the government has built back doors into popular processors so that they can defeat an air gap if they want, what if somebody else got hold of those codes?

What if somebody reverse engineered those government mandated back doors? Somebody like the manufacturer for example, who resides in China?

The US government runs on computers made in China. Because that's where computers are made these days.

Gee, I wonder how they hacked the OPM? Well, no, actually I wonder wheat else they hacked that nobody told us about.

The Phantom


WiFi Lunchbox Guy #0296 said...

Disaster? No, more like political and military leaders routinely dying in battle has returned after a 150 year holiday.

If the Chinese or Russians correlate cell phone metadata or voiceprints to that list they can go on biometrically-targeted hunting expeditions come the next major war. And not just politicians, either...

Assuming they don't just back door everything to shut American infrastructure down. Much less fuss and muss then the "EMP bomb" of conspiracy lore.

The Phantom said...

Political and military leaders routinely dying in battle? Something I hadn't considered.

I think I can face the prospect of some of that.

Occam said...

Slightly off topic but it is interesting to know that the only legal copies of the list of Canadian gun owners in the now defunct and illegal "the long gun registry", resides on FBI, ATF and sundry alphabet US fed agencies - I feel soooo safe now.

You just know the commie regime Mulcair or the hair apparent will run will be accessing those files or CCRA files to harass Canadians they simply don't like - a repeat of the Obama regime agendas.

No such thing as privacy today, act accordingly