Friday, September 04, 2015

"Migrants" now marching through Hungary.

Refugees begin marching to the border of Germany through Hungary, because there are no trains. That didn't take long.

BUDAPEST — After a day of defiance by increasingly desperate refugees, the government of Hungary metaphorically threw up its hands Friday and said it was offering to bus thousands of migrants to the Austrian border, sending the crisis spinning closer to the heart of the Continent.

An aide to Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in a statement that the buses would transport the thousands still thronging the Keleti railroad station in Budapest and the approximately 1,200 people who stormed out of the train station earlier on Friday and set off on foot toward the Austrian border.

Now we have a large number of people with zero equipment, zero supplies and zero clue what they're doing, walking from Budapest to Austria. Where they may or may not be allowed in. Let it rain or be cold for just two days, and this little stroll through the countryside will be a death march.

People will die from exposure. At first just the very old and the very young, but soon the middle aged, anyone who needs medication, anyone whose shoes are too tight, and so forth.

This is the socialism in action I've been talking about these many years. As the day follows the night, it always comes to this. You were warned. Don't come crying to me when it all comes unglued.

The Phantom


Alyric said...

The sad thing is, they could save thousands of lives - maybe tens of thousands, depending on how many die in transit - by simply ordering their troops to open fire on on them two or three times.

Does anybody honestly believe these are the type of people that are going to willingly march into gunfire? Once word got out, Europe's 'refugee' problem would evaporate like THAT.

But no, it's a horrible thing to suggest, anyone who suggests it is a horrible person, and it's better to leave a trail of corpses across Europe than to set a firm example by a show of force against a group of invaders.

Just like it was horrible and evil to drop an atomic bomb and kill ~100,000 people rather than launch a full scale invasion that left millions dead on both sides. Because logic!

The Phantom said...

No need for any of that, Alyric. There are borders. Close them.

The reason this is happening is because SOCIALIST POLITICIANS want it to. Its a ploy. They think if they flood the streets of Budapest with desperate, starving people, they will be able to dilute the voting pool of increasingly conservative locals with people that need a handout.

At some point, that's going to be a disaster. Because Germans are Germans, and they will turn on a dime. Europe is the home of the most dire and destructive Homo Sapiens on Earth.

Problem is, the socialists know this. History screams it in words of fire a thousand feet tall over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Don't Fuck With The White People. But there they are, fucking with them.

Socialists don't CARE, is the issue. They -seek- societal breakdown. They seek absolute power. They revel in mass casualties.

Migrants are not the problem. Shooting them solves nothing. I keep saying it, nobody ever seems to get it.

Erik said...

How are you planning to close the borders without shooting migrants?

The Phantom said...

What is it with you guys and shooting people anyway? Relax, have a beer.

If the European nations collectively cancel all the social welfare that's driving them out of business, or even just cancel it for foreigners, there WON'T BE ANY MIGRANTS.

Same with the USA. Cancel welfare for illegals, no jobs for illegals, they'll all go home before Christmas.

Erik said...

You originally said to close the border, and when a man has been deported three times and is trying to cross the border for the fourth time, holding the border against him is going to require some form of violence possibly unto death if you don't want to be deporting him every month from now and forever. Shooting is the obvious expression of that. I'm sure there exist many less obvious alternatives such as an amputation on every deportation.

Instead removing the incentive for people to cross the border does sound like a better idea, but also a much more impractical one.