Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sasquan: Leftists throwing a tantrum.

As expected, the SJW crowd decided to burn it all down. Lots of no-awards tonight. Lots of -applause- for no-awards, which I found to be in very poor taste indeed. Way to be classy.

The only Hugo-related thing anybody is talking about anywhere is Sad Puppies. The reason there's no-awards tonight is Sad Puppies. The reason there was a record number of voters is Sad Puppies.

And oh yeah, the reason the winning novel, Three Body Problem was even on the ballot was Sad Puppies.

Looking forward to next year, when Sad Puppies 4 makes life interesting for the CHORFs. I got my $40 all warmed up and ready to spend.

On a personal note I'm a little bummed that the No Award dickheads managed to win so often, but my minor disappointment with that is more than outweighed by the massive victory we Sad Puppies have won this evening.

Dickheads chose to burn it all down rather than let a Sad Puppy win something. That's what this whole thing has been about since the beginning. That's what Larry Correia said waaaaay back at Sad Puppies #1 and 2, and proven again tonight.

Enjoy your no-awards, dickheads. I'm going to see about making you do it again next year. Maybe eight or nine consecutive years of no-award winning almost everything will impart a valuable communication to you.


Alyric said...

They'll change the rules to exclude the 'wrong kinds' of fans (anyone who isn't a multi-gendered gay communist, presumably) before they let that happen. In fact, I'd wager they're discussing rule changes right now - the question will be whether they're implemented by next year or not.

The Phantom said...

Same rules next year. Any rule changes from this year go into effect in two years. Rule changes are being worked on tomorrow and Monday, after all the people with jobs and lives have gone home.

Meaning next year we gang the fuck up on them and kick sand in their faces again, and let them burn it all down again. Or maybe, God forbid, we win one despite everything they can bring to the table. 2017 they will have gerrymandered the rules to exclude Wrongfans, handing us the ultimate victory.

Looking at that crowd and listening to the pre-show bullshit, I'm not entirely certain I'd accept a spot on their ballot. They are a pack of hard-core Liberal dickheads. Such a crock of pretentious bullshit!

WiFi Lunchbox Guy #0296 said...

Their window has closed. The Noah Wards represent a total reversal of position for the SJWs, damaging their cred with the SMOFs. Any rule changes will be public in a way they weren't before. Even Hitler agrees that ship has sailed.

Bonus Feature:Himbo eruption.