Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sad Puppies: The Greg-ening.

Well my friends, I have here an example of why we Sad Puppies are sad, and why we must take it out on the Hugos.
This is a comment from "Greg" I found over at John Scalzi's blog, Whatever.

thephantom: Couldn't figure out who and what to vote for myself, right? … Its all down to Torgersen and Correia, not to forget the odious Vox Day. Right?
A quick look at your blog ( shows you doing nothing but parroting the charges by VD, so, yeah, apparently not. Why are authors paid so little? You explain by reproducing VD's sermon:
the "professional organizations" of various literary genres have been taken over by raving Leftists. The one that simply LEAPS to mind is of course the SFWA, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. As well, over the last 30 years the awards given for Science Fiction and Fantasy such as the Nebula Awards, the Hugo Awards etc. have uniformly rewarded dreadful message fiction over good stories that have succeeded in the marketplace.
And you repeat the exact same sermon against racial diversification: (
Nuh uh. And y'all are a racist for even thinking this might be racist. Because… well I'm not sure why, but RAAAAACIST!!!!!! Also, nerds are racists. Because anybody who applies Rationalism to anything is RAAAAACIST!!!!! Why, you ask? Asking "why?" is RAAAAACIST!!!!!!!! The Phantom RAAAAACIST!!!!!
the phantom is racist. You said it, not me.
When the hugos got the slate from VD, you're post ( was again, more of the same from VD:
Read it and weep, bitchez:
But who did you vote for? Well, you actually confess right here:
and I voted for people whose books are in my library, or whose works I have read and liked, or whom I have at least heard of. Meaning mostly the Sad Puppies Slate,
In short?
I voted … mostly the Sad Puppies Slate
So, no, you didn't figure out what to vote for yourself. You're a meat puppet for the slate. Congratulations on your new found "freedom".
Why did you vote or those things? For the exact same reason VD asked you to vote for those things: pure politics. To "stick it" to the left. Nothing to do with the works themselves. Pure politics.
Result, the rending of the clothes, the tearing of the hair, the wailing and cursing of The Left.
From Feb 2015, you have a post complaining about a group trying to get people to stop using "gay" and "retarded" as slurs. You're response? Bigotry that would make your leader VD proud.
The whole thing is so lame I feel retarded for having even read about it.
So, good on you, phantom, you're a bigot doing exactly what master bigot VD wants you to do. Yay you!

Quick search of The Phantom Soapbox  shows I mentioned Vox Day precisely zero times before today. I did mention him here in an update today where I mocked Greg.

Clearly, The Phantom takes his marching orders from Vox day. Or, you know, not.

Greg clearly can't be assed to do that frigging two second bit of work, because he's determined the outcome already inside his tiny brain and he's already moved on to the punishment phase.

And that's why I voted in the Hugos this year. To piss Greg off. And its working AWESOME.

See you at the Awards, Greg baby.

Update: Seems Greg fears the Iron Finger of Deletion! Over at Scalzi's blog he's going off about it.

thephantom: Fair warning Gregy, The Iron Finger is hungry.
Yet another demonstration that this is all about how the puppies feel powerless and are desperate to establish that they have some kind, any kind, of power. Even if it is only in their mind.
The only reason the stuff you voted for got on the Hugo ballot is because you voted in lock step with VD’s slate. What else is there to talk about? More of your false bravado? that’s why you had to “warn” me, right? Because you’ve got an “Iron Finger” and it it big, and powerful, and will do terrible things to me, right?
You are not some righteous and powerful grassroots political movement, you’re a bunch of brats who didn’t want to sit at the children’s table anymore, so you got together and threw the holiday ham on the floor then demanded to sit with the adults or you’ll throw the gravy next.
What on earth do you think we would talk about?
You know what we are, Greg? We're winning. We have been winning since the very start, since Correia started SP1. We are exposing you, Greg, as a rabid partisan who will cheerfully make shit up about other people just to be in the Cool Kids group. You and a whole bunch of other people.

Come on Greg, don't fear The Finger. Tell us how you feeeeeeel!

Update II: Here we are a day later and Greg has bravely declined to comment. Probably because he knows I'll demolish his skinny little straw man like a diesel lawn mower.

By email, long time correspondent and SF author Who Shall Remain Nameless Lest The Minions Of Dickness Descend said they could become a successful cat herder faster than they could get The Phantom marching in lock-step with any organization. Kind words, and very true. The Phantom just does not play well with organizations of any sort, be they business, government or religious.

Some call it having high standards, others tell me I'm just contrary and lack social skills. I say hey, why not both! ~:D

Update III: The Greg-ening continues:
thephantom: its an anti-SJW munition. Exposure to it may explode your head.
Munitions? Explode?
My what big guns you have! The power courses through your veins! Such big biceps!
How to recruit a fascist little puppy: find someone powerless and pathetic. Promise them power and glory if they but march in lockstep to some cause (any cause really). repeat.
Greg talks some pretty hefty anti-fascismo, but he still hasn't shown his girly face here yet. Must be the biceps. Or the veins, maybe.

Is it the veins, Greg?


WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

Just to put more sulfur stains on your blog, something for your inner puppy: We don't care.

The Phantom said...

That was awesome, btw.