Monday, April 27, 2015

DemocRats are pro-crime.

Ok, provocative title. What makes me say that DemocRat Party members are pro-crime? As in: they like crime, and work towards creating more of it.

That's a hell of a thing to say, right?

Well here's why.
New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito.
Before a crowd at the National Action Network in Harlem, New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito says some simple crimes like drinking alcohol in public, or urinating in the street should be handled more like parking violations.
"We are examining way in which we can expand the use of summons and desk appearance tickets" she said.
A pair of bills proposed in the City Council would decriminalize several low-level offenses.
The list also includes bicycling on a sidewalk, being in a park after dark, littering, failing to obey a sign and making excessive noise.
Reverend Al Sharpton says over policing of minor crimes like these often creates tension between community and law enforcement.
"Until police understand mutual respect, we will continue having these tensions" he said.

What do we know about crime in New York City? It used to be pretty bad, right? Mayor David Dinkins presided over a period when New York City was the Murder Capital of the USA.

But then it stopped. The reason why it stopped was two policies instituted by Mayor Rudy Giuliani. The first was to defeat corruption in the NYC police departments. Hundreds were fired or took early retirement because they were taking payoffs from street punks and landlords to look the other way. Firing them all put the NYPD into a condition to  pursue the second policy, Broken Windows.

Broken Windows was a policy of arresting, charging and jailing "street youths" for petty crime. The concept was that one broken window in a building quickly leads to more being broken, because it looks like nobody cares. Shoplifting, loitering, pissing in the street, littering, J-walking, spitting, noise complaints, graffiti all got punks busted and booked at the precinct house. It was discovered that by doing that the police quickly collected ALL THE ASSHOLES who were doing ALL THE CRIME in the city. By arresting and detaining maybe a thousand people out of a city of ten million, they had pretty much stopped property crime and mugging in New York City.

Then, having cleaned up the gutters, they went up the food chain a little and started busting all the crappy little stores and "restaurants" that the street dealers and muggers were working out of. Noise complaints, health code, fire code, all that type of thing got enforced instead of the old baksheesh looking the other way. Plenty of criminal enterprises got shut down.

So many got shut down that they created a crisis in the real estate business. No legitimate business could afford the rents. Only drug dealers could. So when all the drug dealers got jailed or chased out, suddenly all these huge landlords were stuck with no renters and no cash flow. The commercial real estate of New York City was standing on a foundation of drug money. Pressure was brought to bear.

Result, Mayor Bloomberg who undid all the work Giuliani accomplished as quick as he could.

Now we have New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito moving to defang the police even further. Why? She -knows- crime will increase if this policy is followed. Everybody knows. Its obvious.

Therefore we must conclude more crime is what she's after.

More corruption, graft, baksheesh, payola. If the foundation of the NYC corporate profit structure is drug money, then they want more drug money. Lots and lots more, right away, and anybody who says different better prepare themselves for the Smear Machine.

The reason Al Sharpton is involved is that the vast majority of the people Giuliani arrested were young Black men. DemocRats hide their intent to increase crime behind the fig leaf of race, as if Giuliani's policy was to arrest only Black men. That's the fig leaf Ms. Mark-Viverito is taking cover behind now.

Problem for them is, the fig leaf has been tattered down to a postage stamp. Everybody knows that >5% of the population in a city does 95% of the crime. Everybody knows that number is overwhelmingly composed of Black males in NYC. Everybody knows that the way to get crime and robbery and murder out of a city is to bust every little prick making a bloody nuisance of himself on the sidewalk or in the subway. Because they already did it. The 1990s wasn't long enough ago that everyone has forgotten it.

Everybody knows its not about racism. The newsies still pretend, but the recent rioting in Baltimore and Ferguson have effectively ripped away the mask. Al Sharpton and the assholes rioting in Baltimore this week do not give a single damn about some kid who got killed by police. As I saw somebody say elsewhere, most of those rioters would have stepped over his body like road kill if they found him lying someplace. They just want an excuse to steal booze and break shit.

Here endeth the rant.

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