Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sad Puppies: The Butthurt-ening

David Gerrold reveals that The World Is Ending Because of the Sad Puppies. Because its  apparently on Facebook and I can't be assed to dig it out, I'm linking to The Pan Galactic Blogger Blaster fisking of Mr. Gerrold.

Quoting Mr. Gerrold (assuming PGBB has him correctly):
So, Brad, Larry, Vox -- congratulations. You've spoiled the party. Not just mine, but everyone's.
I waited nearly a half century to get here, and when I do get here, there's ashes.
It hurts.
Not just me. Everyone.
And I don't care how you dodge and weasel, how you rend your garments and play the victim game, how you pretend it's everyone else's fault -- that's bullshit. You've made it impossible to have a Hugo ceremony that is a joyous celebration of the best in our genre.
 Yes friends, the butt-hurt is truly nuclear in scope.

Lets review another post from somebody less famous than Mr. David "Star Trek" Gerrold regarding that " joyous celebration of the best in our genre" bit, shall we? Dave Freer talks about who has been log rolling in SF/F awards.

Many of the same people won Hugo AND Nebula nomination. They were well connected, very much part of the clique that spent a lot of time talking to each other. This is a fact. There is ample evidence of the same. Strangers did not gain nomination. The power brokers, publishers, editors, agents, even influential reviewers were and probably still are part of this ‘In’ group.
Do you honestly, truly believe that those were ‘the best’?
Do you honestly, truly believe that they behaved one way in SFWA… gained great success with it there… and never ever repeated the same very successful pattern elsewhere? It only took 30-40 votes to get onto the nomination shortlist for the Hugo in some categories.
I've been reading SF/F for a -long- time, and I've been seeing the Hugo and Nebula awards going to unreadable crap for most of that time. By "unreadable crap" I mean things that make no sense, things that are boring, or (and this is a main complaint of mine) things that make you feel dirty after you read them.

Authors like David Gerrold and books like The Man Who Folded Himself are the kind of thing I'm talking about. The Man Who Folded Himself  was nominated for a bunch of awards including the Hugo and the Nebula. [Corrected, thanks Nicolas.] Its a terrible book. I read it in the 1970's when it came out, thinking a Hugo meant it would be Awesome, and after struggling through the damn thing felt like I needed a shower.

But because a bunch of More Highbrow Than Thou VIPs thought is was an "Important" book, despite being a rip-off of Heinlein's "All You Zombies" from 1959, it got nominated.

Its always been that way in my adult lifetime. "Important" books get awards, good books don't. For the most part in my experience, a Hugo on the cover means "take a pass on that one!" There are exceptions of course, as I have to throw in for the Nit Picker Battalion, but its been a rule that has served me well over the years. Hugo = politically correct deviant horseshit, 8/10 times.

That's why I'm so pleased with the Sad Puppies campaigns. Finally we get to serve a big steaming plate of FUCK OFF! to the Highbrow Cognoscenti and their fucked up Important Books. Proud to be a part of it.

I also think this is a culturally important campaign. Here's why:

Voice of Fire.
This painting is called Voice of Fire. It hangs in the National Gallery of Canada. They paid well over a MILLION BUCKS for it because it is an "Important" painting. That would be ~$1,750,000 tax dollars. My money.

The people who made this travesty possible long ago utterly ruined Fine Art. They have finally come for Science Fiction. The painting Voice of Fire is a graphic representation of the Hugo Awards and all the underhanded machinations it contains.

Sad Puppies is me doing my small part to jam a stick in their spokes. The consternation and rage apparent on all the "fan" sites (like I'm not a fan) make it plain that IT WORKED and some snotty SJW fuckers have done a huge faceplant on the hard concrete of Reality (TM).

Incidentally, for all you -stupid- cocksuckers out there with the Guilt By Association thing going on, please feel free to link me with Vox Day and the Rabid Puppies. I have no connection to any of those guys and I didn't nominate anything on the Rabid Puppy slate, but since the facts don't matter just go ahead and smear me with that.

I don't actually care what any of y'all do, given that my comrades and I are KICKING YOUR ASSES. Best $40 I ever spent.

The Phantom.

Update: John Scalzi reasons like a common internet troll. Disappointing.


Nicholas Whyte said...

"The Man Who Folded Himself won a bunch of awards including the Hugo and the Nebula."

No it didn't. It was shortlisted for both Hugo and Nebula, but did not win either, nor did it win any other award.

The Phantom said...

Nicholas, I stand corrected.