Sunday, April 26, 2015

Baltimore: this is why nobody likes you.

Ok, so the cops manage to break the spine of some kid named Freddie Gray, and he dies.

Clearly its no accident, and just as clearly something needs to be done with the Baltimore cops. Murder is murder.

What do the "protesters" do? They steal some reporterette's purse. Yeah, Justice!

Now what they do in China when the Chicom cops do something horrific, which is a regular occurrence, is they get the whole town together and they go attack the cop shop. They drag all the cops into the street and beat them, burn the building down, the whole works. Cops shops in China get burnt down about monthly due to shit like this. Because logic, right? Cops do something, townies go after them. In plenty of rural areas of China the cops walk very carefully.

But not in America.

In America  they loot the 7-11. Because the 7-11 has beer, not because the 7-11 owner did something bad.

The truth is that none of the "protesters" give a shit about Justice or Freddie Gray, they just want to loot, burn and beat up White people. You can tell by all the looting, burning and White people getting beat up.

Getting to be a pattern, you ax me.

But I'm the racist for mentioning it.

The Phantom

Update: Maybe Freddie Gray was murdered, maybe not.

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