Friday, April 24, 2015

Trouble in Paradise Island.

The new DC Wonder Woman film has claimed its first casualty: the director.

Not long after it was announced that Warner Bros. and DC Comics would be producing a Wonder Woman feature film starring Gal Gadot in the title role, the studio made clear their intention to hire a female director for the project. In November, they secured Michelle MacLaren, whose credits including episodes of Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and Better Call Saul.

Now, MacLaren has departed the project over "creative differences."

DC discovering yet again that the most important thing about a movie director, particularly for a comic book movie, is not if they sit down to pee.

Oh dear, did that upset some of you?

I would like at this time to direct all the outraged SJWs and other reading-until-offended types to the following movie: Thunderbirds. It sucked. Hard.

Directed by precisely the wrong director, Jonathon Frakes, and written by people who did not know a single thing about the original Thunderbirds series.  The most important thing about Jonathon Frakes, for the purposes of making Thunderbirds, was not his personal plumbing, or surface albedo, or any of the other horseshit that SJWs get bent out of shape over.

Quote from Wikipedia: "During development, creator Gerry Anderson was invited to act as creative consultant, but was left out when the studio felt there were enough employees on the payroll acting as part of the creative team. The studio offered him $750,000 (£432,000) to attend the premiere but Anderson could not accept money from people he had not worked for. He eventually saw the film on DVD and was disappointed, declaring "It was disgraceful that such a huge amount of money was spent with people who had no idea what Thunderbirds was about and what made it tick."[8] He also said that it was "the biggest load of crap I have ever seen in my entire life."

Thunderbirds cost $50 million bucks to make, and only every recovered half of it.

This Wonder Woman movie is going to suck as hard or possibly even harder than Thunderbirds did, and for the same reasons. The thing will be getting written by people who don't give a shit about Wonder Woman, its being staffed and cast by people who are clearly putting feminist politics ahead of EVERYTHING else including profit, its going to be directed by some pinhead who's got lots of Social Justice Warrior/Feminist cred and zero talent, and it will be promoted as some kind of political feminist propaganda film. Which no one in their right mind will want to pay money to go see. It will be on Netflix three months after the release.

And that is why it will suck. The only way for it not to suck is if somebody who gave two shits about Wonder Woman as a character got in there to run it, and fired every single feminist sympathizer and political apparatchik off the thing. Then and only then could they tell a story worth telling. For starters they could hire a Greek chick to be the main character. Gal Gadot is a -fine- looking woman and may even be able to act (I've never seen her in anything) but she is not a Greek Amazon girl. Her neck is too small, for one thing. And her wrists.

See, what's hilarious is that these Hollywood goofs would hire a slim, poofy lipped fashion model to portray a sword swinging, ass kicking, monster hunting warrior woman who can bench press a Buick. And call it Feminism! because "teh director is a Woman!"

But what's even funnier is watching the SJWs lap it up. You people are -stupid-.

The Phantom

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