Monday, January 06, 2014

When Liberals say "compromise" it means "SHUT UP!!!"

Spotted this piece in the NY SLimes on the front page yesterday. Front page above the fold, no less. "Banished for Questioning the Gospel of Guns."

The piece regards an article written by Dick Metcalf in December's Guns and Ammo magazine. More people wrote in to complain about it than the poohbahs at G&A expected in their wildest dreams. So Metcalf was fired and Jim Bequette, the editor who green-lighted his column, resigned immediately. Mr. Bequette wrote a G&A blog post responding to the Metcalf column.  Dick Metcalf digs himself in deeper in this blogpost here.

All of this activity happened back in October/November 2013. I will (for the moment!) leave aside any judgement on the Metcalf articles or the Bequette response, saying only that if Phil Robertson can get fired from Duck Dynasty for quoting the Bible, Dick Metcalf can get fired for reading from the liberal anti-gun catechism. Sauce for the goose and all that.

Bringing us to the NY Times article. They drag this thing up from two months ago and stick it on the front page. Its heavy with words like "pariah", "silenced", "extreme", and this beauty here:

""I've been vanished, disappeared," Mr. Metcalf, 67, said in an interview last month"

People from Communist countries who had relatives actually disappear no doubt feel your pain, Dick baby. Funny how you can still do interviews and blog posts while "disappeared". Just sayin'.

Question I have is: Why now? They didn't give a crap about this guy back in November, suddenly January 5th this is a front-page-above-the-fold issue?

New York Times employee at work.
Yes it is! Because Barry is having a new gun control push, and his water-carriers at the New York Times had to scramble to find -anything- they could smear the "gun community" with. Lacking any actual dirt they have had to manufacture some out of this no-brainer job action taken against an obvious idiot instead.

I can SEE YOU , you assholes.

The Phantom

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