Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Revenge of the Weather Gods.

The Weather Gods shall not be mocked. 

Last week, 72F at the car show, Phantom Southern Command.

Warm and toasty!

This week, -8F by the space heater in Phantom Central Command. Plus wind chill.

Plugged in to keep the oil from turning to slush.

There is no escape.

The Phantom


Alyric said...

And of course, the left assures us that this is all the fault of Global Warming(TM). Mother Gaia is punishing us for our environmental sins. Or something.

Kind of like they blamed the same type of system on global cooling in 1974: http://www.climatedepot.com/2014/01/07/scientists-reject-claims-of-record-cold-being-caused-by-global-warming-time-mag-blamed-polar-vortex-on-global-cooling-in-1974-special-report/

If the earth warms, it's global warming. If the earth cools, it's global warming. And global cooling. And climate change. And shut up, you earth destroying, conservative, racist, science denying, hatey-hate-hating-mongerer!

The Phantom said...

I could use a big bag of Global Warming right now, lemme tell ya. About zero Fahrenheit on the front porch of Chez Phantom tonight, and that's warmer than last night.

Make me value those fossil fuels, ohhh yeah baby. Frack on, you fracky Frackers!

Alyric said...

Heh, zero. That sounds wonderful. A couple days ago, the windchill here was -54. Real temperature -26.

Living in a place that was built approximately in the Cambrian era, I was reminded - as I installed one of my stockpiled incandescents in the outlet by the water pipes designed to keep them from freezing and bursting - that there's a lot of poor saps around here that are going to have some very expensive repairs (that they can't afford) in the next few years, thanks to Congress.