Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Phantom is right. Listen to The Phantom.

New York Times reports this like its news: Mini-cars suck in accidents.

Of the 11 minicars tested, none achieved the institute's highest rating of Good. Only one – the Chevrolet Spark – achieved the next highest rating of Acceptable. The others received ratings of either Marginal or Poor, the lowest rating. The two worst-performing vehicles were the Honda Fit and the Fiat 500, although a completely redesigned Fit goes on sale this spring.
 The new small overlap evaluation, which the institute added to its repertory of crash tests in 2012, replicates what happens when the front corner of a vehicle collides with another vehicle or with an object like a tree or utility pole at 40 miles per hour.

Yes, no duh, tiny little cars don't survive accidents very well. If someone hits you or if you hit something at a speed higher than a fast walk, that cute little car will fold up like a paper bag and kill you.

This is a Chevy Spark. See how the driver has no legs now?  It did the -best- in the testing. Imagine the Feel-It 500.

Listen the The Phantom my friends. Buy a huge barge of a vehicle, pay the fuel bill without complaint and live to fight another day.

The All-Knowing, All-Seeing Phantom

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