Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Speaking of infringement, how full of it is the NYT?

Seen outside the New York Times main office.

This is the issue I alluded to yesterday with the New York Times belatedly championing the foolish Mr. Dick Metcalf. The Obama administration is proposing tighter gun controls, again, in a particularly alarming direction.
The Obama administration took steps to tighten gun background checks to keep firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill as the president's broader gun-control proposals remain stalled in Congress.
The White House said yesterday that the Justice and Health and Human Services Departments were proposing changes in regulations to clarify who under U.S. law is prohibited from possessing a firearm for mental health reasons. The proposals would also make it easier for states to submit information about the mentally ill to the background check system.
This is an update to a post I made back on July 10th 2013. Barry is now officially going for it.

What do they mean when they say "make it easier to submit information about the mentally ill", exactly? Does it mean something reasonable and legal, like that people who have been adjudicated incompetent in a court of law will be put on a list, and the list will be provided to the FBI NICS system?


It means that any person who has ever been hospitalized for a mental illness, or has ever received medication like anti-depressants, or has ever received counseling for mental illness, or has a doctor's note that says they "don't seem right" could end up on that list.

I can hear some Lefties yelling at their computer right now, something about tinfoil hats I think.

Yes, it does seem very Soviet and far fetched doesn't it? The idea that government agencies would raid your medical records in defiance of doctor/patient confidentiality and use that information to confiscate your property, its Qwazy Talk right?

Or it would be, if the Veteran's Administration weren't already doing it. They've been sending out letters informing vets of "pending findings of incompetency" since January or February 2013. Not from a court action, but based solely on an opinion from somebody in the VA bureaucracy. An opinion apparently formed by information from supposedly confidential medical records.

Mr. Obama and his team of liberal Flying Monkeys seem eager to expand this already existing "gun safety" program to the entire population, not just Vets. "Wait for court findings? Why would we do that? Just make a list, boys! Illegal? Who cares!"

What's on the front page of the New York Times above the fold? Dick Metcalf: "Banished for Questioning the Gospel of Guns."  Meanwhile back in the business section somewhere, this report finds lots of problems in the new Obamacare program for digitizing paper medical records.

New York Times: not just more full of it than we thought, more full of it than we can even imagine.

In other news, December broke all records for gun sales in an already record year, ammunition remains in very short supply, and more people in Illinois signed up for a concealed carry permit than signed up for Obamacare. That's be Barry's home state, y'know. Oh, and the NSA really does read your mail, record all your phone calls and track your every movement. And hack your phone. And your computer.

But Dick Metcalf is what's important, got it?

We SEE YOU, you bastards.

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