Thursday, January 23, 2014

S&W kisses off California.

"At last one of them has understood." Lord Raiden, Mortal Kombat 1995

Smith & Wesson joins Sturm Ruger in cutting California loose.

On January 22nd renowned gun maker Smith & Wesson joined Sturm, Ruger, & Co., by announcing it would cease California sales of its semi-automatic pistols due to microstamping requirements that went into effect last year. Ruger made the same announcement earlier this month.

Looks like the corner office boys at Smith & Wesson and Ruger have finally accepted that this battle is THEIRS to fight, 'cause mummy ain't coming to make it all better. If no manufacturers step up with this "microstamping" idiocy, there will be no guns available in California. Now the ball is back in the government's court. They'll try to spin their way out, probably with some anti-capitalist, anti-corporation smearing, but everyone will know that its on them. Even the Low Information rubes.

Here's hoping they take it one step further and stop ALL sales to California. No finished guns to federal, state or local government departments located in California, and no -parts-.

The Phantom

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Anonymous said...

Seems some other arms and parts manufacturers aside from S&W know what their base buyers believe. Bully for them and others that are making a stand. Good points about possible pull out for all in those states that fail on the 2nd.