Monday, December 09, 2013

TSA: Keeping the USA safe one toy gun at a time.

This time they disarmed a stuffed monkey. Who had a two inch toy revolver made of plastic.

[Phyllis May of Redmond, Wash] and her husband were going through the screening process [in St. Louis Missouri] when she noticed that one of her bags was missing.

"And the (TSA agent) held it up and said 'whose is this?'" she said. "I realized oh, my God this is my bag."

May said the TSA agent went through the bag, through the sewing supplies and found the two-inch long pistol.

"She said 'this is a gun,'" said May. "I said no, it's not a gun it's a prop for my monkey."

"She said 'If I held it up to your neck, you wouldn't know if it was real or not,' and I said 'really?'" said May.

The TSA agent told May she would have to confiscate the tiny gun and was supposed to call the police.

"I said well go ahead," said May. "And I said really? You're kidding me right, and she said no it looks like a gun."

Yeah, I feel way safer now. Thanks TSA!

The Phantom

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