Monday, December 23, 2013

Bunny huggers are dangerous lunatics.

Couple gets death threats after -police- capture and kill a -bear- that was rampaging around the couple's house for weeks.

A Lake Tahoe couple filed a police report saying they received numerous death threats and harassing messages after reporting problems with a black bear that was captured and euthanized by Nevada wildlife officials.

Richard and Adrienne Evans of Incline Village filed the report with the Washoe County Sheriff's Office on Thursday, the same day the bear was killed.

The couple says phone threats started coming Wednesday night to their home and Richard Evans' construction office after wildlife officials installed a trap outside their home.

The two say the bear had attempted to break into Adrienne Evans' car twice in recent weeks and succeeded Tuesday night, causing extensive damage to its interior.

Yeah, I'd have fragged the thing after its first attempt too. But the Evans's are nice, law abiding people so they let the cops do it. Now some animal rights fruitcake is sending them death threats. Who does that?

Ann Bryant of the Bear League says members of her citizens group are urged not to break any laws, but "emotions are going to be high as long" as bears are being killed.

There's a Bear League? So it seems. They believe in "People living in harmony with bears." Ann Bryant says "emotions are going to be high", which to me is Activist Speak for "yes I have a pretty good idea who called in these death threats, and I think they're not wrong, but I wish they'd shut up because they're making me look bad."

If I were Richard and Adrienne Evans, I'd be making arrangements with the local cops to make sure I didn't get SWATed in the near future. That's how these nuts roll.

There's also some really bad advice on how to manage bears that come on your property on the Bear League home page:

 If their experience tells them they can expect to find food where humans live, with no resistance from those humans, then look for food they will.

If instead they realize that people will defend their 'food caches and dens' and not allow the bears to feel Welcome, they will not bother us.

When a person is fearful and runs from a bear (something one should never do) by retreating inside he is telling the animal "You are welcome here…I am not going to defend my territory".

Too many bears now believe they can roam neighborhoods and even come into houses as this is what they have been told by humans reacting inappropriately during bear encounters, which often results in the death of a bear. Help us change that.

Sure, I'll help. Next bear shows up in my backyard, I'll give him a real dressing down. Right before he eats my head.  Or the family dog. Or a kid.

There seems to be an ever-increasing number of seriously deluded people living in our midst, and they are becoming bolder and bolder in their activities as they try to make the rest of us conform to their delusions.

Bear in the back yard = shoot, shovel, shut up. With special emphasis on the SHUT UP part, because as we know you can and will get more police action on a wildlife infraction that you will on murder.

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