Monday, December 09, 2013

Festival of Mammon.

Four million dollar Christmas wreath.

Studded with 16 rubies and 32 diamonds, this Christmas wreath is probably not one to hang on the front door.
The decoration — believed to be the world's most expensive wreath — is on sale for £2.8 million.
Created by a London florist, the wreath, above and below, contains a vivid red 17.49 carat ruby, a 3.03 carat yellow diamond and a Helleborus flower head containing 22 loose diamonds totalling 2.64 carats.
You can run out and buy it right here! Yeah, get right on that eh?
Doesn't look like its worth much, you ask me.
Normally I'm not one to judge, but possibly they may be missing the point of Christmas. Just sayin'.

The Phantom


black mamba said...

I think something that expensive should be more impressive looking.

P.J. O'Rourke, back when he was funny, wrote about an epiphany he had in Saudi Arabia. He said that he'd always kind of figured he wanted pretty much everything but just couldn't afford most of it. Then he went to a mall and saw a camel saddle made of gold, embedded with rolex watche; and he realized, "I don't want this".

Maybe it made him a better, wiser journalist. I couldn't say.

The Phantom said...

There's some Saudi oil sheik who bought the first brand new Airbus jumbo jet A-300 or whatever, it was Europe's answer to the 747-400. This guy got the first one off the line.

I'd like one of those. But not the gold camel saddle. That I could do without.