Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bonus: "Shut Up! Or we'll hurt your kid."

This is another Lefty classic maneuver. I post here the news item in its entirety. Five year old suspended from school for playing Army with his friends.

GASTON COUNTY, N.C. (CBS Charlotte) –  A 5-year-old boy was reportedly suspended from school after making a gun gesture with his hand on the playground.

His father, David Hendrix, was furious when he found out his son was issued a suspension for the gesture.

"He was playing army on the playground," Hendrix told WBTV. "I just felt like the punishment was way too severe."

The boy was issued a one day in-school suspension from his kindergarten class at Pinewood Elementary School.

Hendrix wanted the issue resolved and met with the school principle who did not want to drop the suspension, so he pressed further.

"I requested an immediate meeting that night with him myself and the school board, at their pleasure, anytime that night. And at that point they decided it was not worth the effort, not worth the headache and dropped everything right then and there," Hendrix told WBTV.

In the school's handbook, there is no mention of punishment for making a 'gun gesture' with your hand, WBTV reported.  Calls made by WBTV to the school went unanswered.

Love how the school board folded when it involved them getting off their asses after hours to go to a meeting.

Coming soon to a school near you. Be sure to never give them an inch, and never let anything slide.

The Phantom

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