Saturday, August 25, 2012

UH-oh, Barry's gotta prooooooblem.

Well, this doesn't look good for someone. ~:D Emphasis (and pretty colours) mine.

FRIDAY 2 PM: The anti-Obama movie 2016 Obama's America went into wider release around America today and is opening right now in first place at the domestic box office. That's quite a feat since the Rocky Mountain Pictures political documentary is still playing in only 1,090 North American theaters – or about 1/3 as many theaters as actioner The Expendables 2 (3,355 theaters). But these political documentaries like faith-based films are frontloaded. The Stallone pic from Millenium/Lionsgate still will end Friday and the weekend #1. Exhibitors are reporting busloads arriving at theaters around the country in pre-organized trips. It also employed much of the same marketing techniques used to garner attention and support for faith-based films, understandable since the audience is overlapping. Its campaign included advertising nationally over the past two weeks on talk radio and cable news channels including Fox News Channel, A&E, History and MSNBC.

Maybe this explains why Debbie Wasserman-Shultz is so bitchy on CNN these days. She's watching the Hope'nChange Express derail off the side of a cliff in a slow motion train wreck, and that's her meal ticket. D'oh!

Better start polishing that resume Debbie baby. Chick-fil-A: its not a fluke, its a trend!

The Happy Phantom

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