Friday, August 24, 2012

Bleeding update!

I just googled "13 shot" and "19 shot" to make sure I'm not blowing smoke here. Turns out... I'm not blowing smoke. Which is really quite disgusting, you ask me.

Google "13 shot" and on the first page you get the Tribune article from yesterday, and that's it. No more.

But you also get this very interesting thing that happened in Tempe Arizona waaaaay back on March 3rd. 13 people shot at a Nipsey Hustle rap concert. I'm pretty

Nipsey Hussle, who didn't go on stage, used his Twitter account to express his displeasure with the shooting at his show.

"(Arizona) ... y'all gotta be cool man," he wrote.

Guess what race all those people were. Yep.  Did we hear about it? Nope. We heard about Traaaaayvon and his Skittles instead, and the eeeevile White-Hispanic Zimmerman who shot the poor boy.

You know how we paranoid Phantom types sometimes say "there's going to be blood in the streets!" if anything goes wrong with the US Election in November? Going by this non-reportage of mass-casualty black-on-black shootings, I guess it means some WHITE people will START acting like these black people have been acting all along.

I guess noticing this makes me a racist though. Oh well, there goes my Order of Canada.


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