Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Kirpan update II: Heart of a lion!

So they can go down fighting!

OAK CREEK, Wis., Aug. 7 (UPI) -- The president of the Sikh temple in Wisconsin where six members were killed tried to stop the gunman before he was gunned down, his son says.

Amardeep Kaleka told WTMJ, CNN affiliate in Milwaukee, that his father, Satwant Singh Kaleka, 65, used the ceremonial dagger all Sikhs carry.

"It's an amazing act of heroism, but it's also exactly who he was," Amardeep Kaleka said. "There was no way in God's green Earth that he would allow somebody to come in and do that without trying his best to stop it."

There you go. Satwant Singh Kaleka, 65, went after a punk who was half his age and armed with two pistols. Mr. Kaleka had what amounts to a butter knife at a gun fight, and he went anyway. Light a candle for that guy tonight.

Probably some of the other men went after the shooter too. Hell, probably some of the women went after him. Maybe that's why he was -outside- the Gurudwara when the cops showed up instead of inside shooting kids.

HEY OBAMA!!! HEY BLOOMBERG!!! You think maybe Mr. Kaleka could have accomplished more with a Walther .380 than a blunt ceremonial dagger?

Anti-gunners make me sick to the stomach, they really do.

Oh and by the way, for our no-less full of it Canadian politicians, why are Sikhs the only ones who get a knife? Where's MY right to carry MY national blade? Where's my Skean Dhu? Where's my dirk?

The Phantom

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