Friday, August 10, 2012

Remember liberals, what goes around, comes around.

Sometimes the -right- person gets robbed. Spends twenty years letting scumbags walk, finally she reaps what she has sown.

A D.C. Superior Court judge, who recently presided over a high-profile murder case, was robbed at gunpoint last Friday while walking with two others through an upper Northwest D.C. neighborhood.

Judge Ronna Beck was walking with her law clerk and the clerk's boyfriend when two men with guns approached from behind and announced a robbery.

Judge Beck, who recently presided over the trial of five men convicted in the South Capitol Street drive-by murders, did what the robbers wanted and was not hurt in the holdup.

In fact, all three turned over their valuables, telling police the men jumped into a car and fled east toward 16th Street.

So Ronna baby, how you feel about root causes of crime now, eh? Or ubiquitous surveillance and its power to prevent crime? Yeah, that's a good one.

How about gun control? Staring down the barrel of some punk's heater make you think about that at all? Maybe wish you had a .45 to pull, or more likely did you wish that MAN with you had one? Instead you got the unarmed metrosexual defense-through-abject-supination.

How about when they took your stuff?  Did you feel all grateful that your buddies in the justice system were going to let them off with a slap on the wrist, or at most stick them in a halfway house rehabilitation program?

How about that huh? You frickin' liberal DC Beltway BEEOTCH!!!!

Justice is served!

The Phantom

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