Saturday, May 26, 2018

Spotify stops removing artists for "hate."

Last week or so, I noted that Spotify was following the SJW Way and removing certain artists from all their suggested playlists over "hate." That's in scare quotes because the Spotify definition was fairly SJW Sketchy.

Well, nobody liked that.

While Spotify's move was applauded in some circles, the policy also fueled censorship concerns. "Whoa. Are they censoring the music? That's dangerous," Top Dawg Entertainment president Punch tweeted. A representative for Kendrick Lamar, a TDE rapper, reportedly called Spotify CEO Daniel Ek to "express their frustration" over the policy, Bloomberg reports. Spotify's industry liaison Troy Carter also reportedly threatened to leave the streaming service if the policy wasn't revised.

The point was to ding R. Kelley, so how did that go?

 As the Associated Press reported, after Kelly was taken off of streaming services' playlists (but not the services themselves), the singer actually saw an uptick in his streaming numbers in the week following the removal.

That's right, you slap "V" for Violent Content  on a video game and it flies off the shelves. Duh.

So, due to the double helping of fail, Spotify will be reinstating authors being ghosted for "hateful conduct." Except R. Kelley, because screw that guy, apparently. Maybe he stole some Spotify nerd's girlfriend.

The Phantom

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