Monday, May 28, 2018

Fascists passe, SJWs now punching butchers.

As part of the Government celebration of all that is fascist and totalitarian, we now are treated to Vegan Brownshirts.

Attacks on small businesses by vegan activists are on the rise, according to the Countryside Alliance.

Death threats, stoked by social media and encouraged by international groups of activists, have caused butchers and farmers to "live in fear."

Marlow Butchers, in, Ashford, Kent, was targeted earlier this month by activists who daubed red paint on the doors and windows of the shop.

Since then, the business has been subjected to online abuse.

Wayne Marlow, who runs the business with his father and brother, told Kent Online: "On the internet it has been very threatening.

"It has got ridiculous - activists from as far away as Australia are getting involved.

"The internet is the worst thing as not only are they threatening to physically destroy our business, but they are also tying to ruin our reputation online, too, by leaving negative reviews and comments.

"They want to close us down and people are threatening to smash the windows or petrol bomb the store.

Well well, nasssty on-line behavior. And what are the big online companies doing to shut these cretins down?

Mr Bonner also said that social media companies to not take the threats seriously enough: "None of the social media platforms view the abuse of those involved in meat production as they would other minorities. This is understandable but there has to be an equality of response when people like this butcher or others are being targeted.

"It's both personally threatening and people feel unsafe, they are not putting themselves forward on a controversial issue, they are just carrying on the business that their family has for generations.

"There's a really nasty and cowardly tactic, using things like TripAdvisor and other online platforms to do fake reviews and it can have a direct effect on their livelihood."

Right. You will be shadowbanned by Twitter and ghosted on other platforms for Conservative views. But for death threats against a meat shop, nothing.
At the same time that the British government basically disappeared Tommy Robinson and placed a gag order in the media to conceal it.

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