Sunday, June 04, 2017

Wonder Woman movie: Phantom thumbs up!

Saw Wonder Woman last night, and I must say they avoided all the things I complained might potentially ruin the performance.

Contrary to my previous fears, they managed to make Gal Gadot look big and powerful physically.

Contrary to every other DC movie since forever, the producers and the director etc. had some respect for the source material. They looked at Wonder Woman in the comics, and they gave us a real, no kidding Amazon warrior fighting for peace, justice and humanity. Just like Wonder Woman does in the comics.

Contrary to expectations, they did not pursue the usual SJW BS that the Twitterati were loudly demanding all this time. Wonder Woman is not gay, or bi, or trans, or any other such nonsense in this movie. She's an Amazon. Just like she ought to be.

Lots of -excellent- fight scenes, a couple of the usual political correctness moments and weak writing problems that seen inevitable in Hollywood productions (why does there need to be an American-Indian character going on about the eeeevile white man? Why do they need to spend time on making a fool of Victorian values again? Why is the writing always full of plot holes? Why are the Germans always the bad guys?) On the whole, I enjoyed it.

Well worth the ticket, particularly compared to what else is on offer.

The Phantom


Chris in Ontario said...

Like you I was pleasantly surprised. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Phantom said...

I was hoping for a proper comic-book movie when I bought the ticket, and that's what it is.