Friday, June 16, 2017

Corbyn: "Eat the rich and take their stuff."

The headline of this post is a translation of what he actually said, which in some ways was worse:

"The ward where this fire took place is, I think, the poorest ward in the whole country and properties must be found - requisitioned if necessary - to make sure those residents do get re-housed locally.

"It can't be acceptable that in London we have luxury buildings and luxury flats left empty as land banking for the future while the homeless and the poor look for somewhere to live. We have to address these issues."

This is the true face of the Left. If you are wealthy enough to afford a town house in London, as it seems many are, your property may be "requisitioned" at the whim of some bureaucrat and pressed into service as a flop for displaced poor people. (Well, unless you're a big donor and friend to the Labor party anyway. They could probably work something out for you in that case.)

Displaced by a government who put POLYSTYRENE on the outside of an apartment building to increase insulation. I'm sure an engineer somewhere left memo after memo that this was a Bad Idea, but the government machinery made the call. Because it is a Green Initiative, you see.

There is also some talk that the refrigerators in Europe use a "new" refrigerant. Replacing freon is propane. Yes, the stuff you burn in your barbecue, because it is a fuel, is being used as a refrigerant. It works great, as long as there isn't a leak. But sadly there are always leaks somewhere, and so there have been -many- refrigerators exploding in Europe lately. And by explode I mean fuel-air incendiary bomb, not firecracker.

Just thought you ought to know.

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