Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sense8: no wonder it got cancelled!

I'm binge-watching Sense8 the TV show on Snotflix this week. All the SJWs were crying that it had been cancelled, so I decided to see what all the crying was about.

The first thing I'll say is, its pretty. They had good people running the cameras and picking the locations. Visually it looks like a big budget movie. The actors are pretty. OMG, they are pretty. The music is beautiful. Tons of effort on the music.

The plot? There isn't one, not really. More of a framework for the pretty scenes and pretty music. Eight people spend the whole first season bumping into each other in psychic encounters, then a bad guy comes to capture them all. He works for an eeeevile corporation. That's it. Sorry if the eeeevile corporation thing is a spoiler.

The characters? Mostly they're sort of annoying cardboard cut-outs. The Korean tough chick is fun, for all that she's cardboard. I actually like the trans character, that one they spent some time and energy on. The characters all read "White Liberal", even the black guy, even the Korean woman. The relationships all read "WASP Normal". Particularly the gay relationships, they are 100% colossally loyal, committed and monogamous. Except for the sex scenes, of course. Then its an orgy. A loyal, committed, monogamous, orgy. They practically hit you upside the head with a bat, the relationship thing is that unsubtle.

The story goes along pretty slowly, with all kinds of scenes that don't forward the action at all. They preach. So much preaching. Any "good cause" you an imagine some Hollywood dickweed getting all spun-up about, its in there with the kitchen sink. I'm fast-forwarding past a lot of ten-minute stretches of the show, where nothing happens but many speeches and lots of gay porn. There's M/M, F/F, TF/F, M/M/F, M/M/TF/M/M, F/M/F/M/M/M, and so forth. There's also a bit of M/F normal, but one barely notices after all the other stuff.

I understand from the entertainment news that this series cost $100 million dollars per season. That's two hundred million bucks for a gay love letter to Hollywood from Hollywood. As anyone with a brain could have predicted, there is not an audience out there big enough to pay off a show with this subject matter.

Bottom line, this is soft-core gay porn loosely hung on a kinda/sorta SF action framework, designed with the purpose of showing gay and trans people in the most positive possible light. There are some good parts, but you have to swoop past an awful lot of Liberal Gay Mafia propaganda to find them.

I have only one question: who the hell thought it would be a good idea to spend that much money on something like this? I want to find that guy and talk him into spending $200,000,000 on my pet project.

The Phantom


Sam L. said...

Who? The Trans and Gays did, and the progs in charge of programming said GO TO IT.

The Phantom said...

Somewhere there must have been an accountant tallying up all the money, and reporting to management. That management decided it was worth $200 million, -knowing- in year two that the audience wasn't there and they would lose the money. They were okay with that.

That tells me there was an awful lot of money being bet on propaganda. They were trying to prepare the ground for something, and that was probably Hillary.

This year, its too late and no longer worth it to piss another hundred mil up against the wall. Now they appear to be funding open warfare in the streets. $100 million bucks will buy a lot of Molotov cocktails.