Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Big Brother lives in China.

Why are we still doing business with these assholes?

According to this story at Slashdot, the Chicoms are rolling out facial recognition scanning and iris scans all over the country, all at once.

Their goal: to influence behavior and identify lawbreakers.

Lawbreakers. Yeah. Meaning everybody.

By 2020, the government hopes to implement a national "social credit" system that would assign every citizen a rating based on how they behave at work, in public venues and in their financial dealings.

See if you can guess what happens to the people with lower "social credit" scores.

See if you can imagine Communist Party members being bothered with their bad social credit scores.

The Phantom


Anonymous said...

Do we see the next wave of refugees coming?

Anonymous said...

Do we see the next wave of refugees coming?

The Phantom said...

The Left in this country, enable a -billion- Chinese refugees to swamp us?

If they thought anyone would vote for it, I'm sure they would.

However, the last time China collapsed, nobody lifted a finger. Given the nature of the Left, basically thieves and killers, I very much doubt anyone will lift a finger this time either.

WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

If we do get swamped, their leftists will toss ours into a gulag.