Monday, November 17, 2014

The woman who made Mankind's first comet landing all about her.

Rose Eveleth, professional Offended Person.
Her name is Rose Eveleth, she works for The Atlantic magazine, apparently. This is her Twitter feed. She was offended, simply Offended I tell you, over The Shirt.

Dear Rose, fuck off.

Ladies shield your eyes!
This is the scientist wearing The Shirt. With video of him apologizing in tears. Which is just heart wrenching, to me anyway. On his biggest day of his career, he's saying sorry on international TV about a friggin' shirt.

Not what I would have worn to a press conference, but then I didn't land a space-robot on a freaking comet either. If I was that big a boss, I'd wear whatever the hell I liked.

This is the woman who made the shirt. Custom shirt for the scientist who's team got that robot down on that comet, because she's a friend of his. She's sticking up for herself and her friend in no uncertain terms. That makes her a Class Act in my book, and honorable.

Also she doesn't look like the kind of woman skinny ass Rose Eveleth should be pissing off. We're talking really short cat fight here.

This was suggested as the appropriate shirt to wear for Feminists to be happy.

Uhm, do they have legs? Or hair? And where's the ray guns?
'Nuff said.

The Phantom

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Anonymous said...

Cut it out Phantom, you're cracking me up!

Where did you find the great joke photo of "Rose"?

The expression perfectly projects the ditsy, low-information feminazi look, without degenerating into merely appearing myopic, cretinous or very, very drunk.

Wait, you mean that really IS Rose?


Never mind.

yamamanama said...

What the fuck is wrong with you?

The Phantom said...

Oh look! My very own visit from the troll fairy yamalamadingdong! I must have struck a nerve.


And now I get to say something I've always wanted to say:

FUCK OFF, yamawhatsit. You're a repulsive piece of perverted shit, and I'm SO glad you came here so I could tell you to FUCK OFF!!!! in person.

Yeah baby! Man, if there's one thing I love doing in this world, its crushing fucks like you. Please, keep coming back so I can beat you like a fucking rented mule, you pustule.

yamamanama said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Phantom said...

Thank you Mr. Trollpussy for confirming your receipt of my FUCK OFF communication. Its nice that you let me know it irritated you. Go me!

But perhaps I forgot to mention, You used up your one free comment. Wasted it, really. This is MY world and nothing happens here without my approval. I don't approve of mindless meatsack that abuse women on the internet, so you don't get to talk here.

What you get to be is to be deleted and then mocked. Endlessly.

This is not some nice girl's blog where you can stalk and harass and maybe make her cry. This is The Phantom's blog.

Please though, come back so I can delete you some more. Because given what I've seen from you other places, you seriously need deleting.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love those blog administrators...

yamamanama said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Phantom said...

The troll seems to love being deleted. I am happy to oblige!

My Finger of Deletion is made of iron, and yearns to obliterate your every word.

Please say on dear troll, that I may exercise it to its fullest capacity.

T.L. Knighton said...

Leave it to Yamalamadingdong to act like an ass and not comprehend that it's a losing proposition.

The Phantom said...

I love having the troll come over. He can't talk back, he can't leave poo on the doorstep, he can't play any of his usual fuckaround games.

He just gets to stand there and get beat with my gigantic steel spiked, custom laminated oaken FUCK YOU!!! bat.

This is AWESOME! C'mon troll, lemme have another swing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos. It's too bad really, that Rose girl is kinda cute. What a waste.

Celia Hayes said...

(Frantically looking for the 'Like' and 'share' buttons.

Anonymous said...

Out of the three people pictured I can easily decide the two I would be friends with! :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear.Europe landed a probe on a comet without asking for permission from an American.Did no one at ESA understand you have to have permission from an American.
Even worse it was a communist comet.
What a liberty landing on a godless world WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION
At least NASA had the decency to say "well done you crazy cutouts!"
Be this a lesson to India and China.
If you are planning any future space missions you must get a permission slip from an American first.
And keep it classy.

surefirewinner said...

Love the dialogue here!

yamamanama said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Occam said...

These proglodyte pussytrolls should really be grateful properly adjusted normative people are only telling them to fuck off at this point in time. In a more civil age churls bore an amount of scar tissue equal to the number of people they pissed off. Gad I miss public floggings of slanderers - dueling was also a good way to dispatch a loudmouthed puss - sigh.

In a wider perspective I've always felt someday we will have to face the zombie hoards on a battlefield to determine the course of human development - that will be the time to let your repressed animosities flow freely phantom.

As for Rosie - pretty much what you would expect to find in someone so deeply steeped in toxic Proglodyte indoctrinating - there are legions of these soulless androids out there - don't sweat the small stuff - just politicized neurotics doing what they do best.

The silent partner in this crime is the media who were really responsible for giving nutty Rosie an international podium from which to spew here robotic PC matras. In a more civil age they did not give airtime or ink space to morbidly paranoid dipshits.

The Phantom said...

Troll! [delete]

Troll! [delete]

This is fun!

The Phantom said...

Hi Occam.

I'm having big fun bitch slapping this troll. Nothing like a troll smackdown to make you hungry for dinner.

Myself, I have always been in favor of a return to the Code Duello. I think that the likes of yamawhatever and the Unholy Horde of Rose Eveleth would strongly hesitate to back their shit up with pistols at dawn. Or my favorite, halberds at noon. Dawn's too early, and pistols are for pussies.

As big government and assorted other interfering fucks make anonymity or even privacy more and more impossible, I believe something like that will be this new century's next big social movement.

Will not be long until some guy dares the SJWs to come after him for his shirt, and one of them does and ends up dead in a ditch. Then the floodgates will open, and all these Internet Harpies will be called to account for threatening people's jobs, lives and sacred honor.

An armed society is a -polite- society.

cutelildrow said...

I laughed at the 'fixed up' shirt.

And the comments made me grin. A lot. Thanks.

Occam said...

Phantom - the blog client you use has some tools for extracting true IP addys if you really want to go troll hunting. Remember you extract and plant a cookie to access the blog ;-)

If the troll uses a proxy or random IP generator (as most of the pro trolls do) there are ways to automatically reject such access or to use a ping to get to the original IP through a network trace. Depends how dedicated you are to troll dusting.

In any event, have fun - greasing trolls is addictive.

The Phantom said...

Occam, thanks for the info. Its something I've been meaning to look into.

In this case, yama-yo-mama has been very thoroughly documented. He stalks women on the internet and does all kinds of other unsavory things. Just google him, there's a whole industry associated with identifying and stomping on him. He's been identified and located right down to pictures of him and Google Streetview of his house.

Lucky me, I got to tell him to fuck off in person before some random stalking victim makes use of this wealth of info and ends his little career of abuse.

Not that I would -encourage- such a thing, Heavens forfend! I'll just note here that the female of the species is the more dangerous and leave it at that.

James Wolf said...

Where can I get a shirt in that style? I have people to annoy!

James Wolf said...

I want that shirt. No, I need that shirt. I have many people to annoy!

Tatiana Covington said...

Boy did that bitch get flamed. She didn't have anything constructive to do, so she complained her ass off about something that was NONE OF HER BUSINESS!

And she got told to go fuck herself.

black mamba said...

Deep thoughts from Yamamatroll's blog: "If you have a miscarriage or a stillborn, and you're not in jail, or in Hell, or in Hell jail, that means you have benefited from feminism in some way."

Leaving aside the high probability that God, if he exists, does not give a damn, as it were, about the legal ramifications of trends in feminism, I do want to ask this utter gibbering moron when and where, exactly, miscarriages and stillbirths were ever considered criminal offences at any place or point in the West ever since the dawn of anything.

black mamba said...

@ James Wolf: I think this is the shirt purveyor.

The Phantom said...

Greetings Black Mamba. :)

I recommend a google search for yamaf---facewhatsit. The results will be... informative. You get a look at his little neck beard and overall appearance, the non sequitur nature of his commentary will begin to make sense. Rationality clearly optional with this clown.

Normally I'd just set to ignore and move on, because on the scale of Important Things, the ravings of a semi-deranged troll on the Intertubez rates around -3 on the 1 to 10 scale.


This particular troll likes to stalk women. Under the cover of protestations of feminism, no less. He needs a beating. I'm happy to oblige.

Please come back, Yamalamadingdong! The Iron Finger of Deletion awaits you.

James Wolf said...

@black mamba I meant the burqa shirt.

I need to bear REALLY obnoxious.

The Phantom said...

Hi James,

The burka shirt, sadly, is a Photoshop. And yes, it would offend all the right people in all the right ways. That's why I put it up there. ~:)

I did just think of something even more offensive though. A shirt depicting ISIS pukes with beheaded pin-up girls. That would get the little SJW fuckers right where they live.

For Conservatives we could have pin-up girls beheading ISIS pukes. Because that's the message I want those fuckers to take home. They should come to some understanding of who they're facing off with. When the puck drops they're going to be shocked.