Saturday, November 01, 2014

Media and CDC finally catch up to The Phantom.

Took the sonsabenches long enough.

The deadly EV-D68 enterovirus epidemic, which struck thousands of kids this fall, was likely propelled through America by President Barack Obama's decision to allow tens of thousands of Central Americans across the Texas border, according to a growing body of genetic and statistical evidence.

The evidence includes admissions from top health officials that the epidemic included multiple strains of the virus, and that it appeared simultaneously in multiple independent locations.

Wow, amazing what happens when the government completely disregards every single public health law on the books and ships a hundred thousand illegal border jumpers all over the country without any screening for disease.

So far, that virus has been found in nine American kids who died from illness, has apparently inflicted unprecedented polio-like paralysis in roughly 50 kids, and has put hundreds of young American kids into hospital emergency wards and intensive care units throughout more than 40 states.

And if you think this is unforgivable, wait until you see how many people they kill with Ebola. They're bound and determined not to quarantine anybody over that.

But Canada is doing something different.

Canada is following in Australia's footsteps and has closed its doors, effectively immediately, to people from the West African countries battling Ebola.

In a move that puts Canada at odds with the World Health Organization, the federal government said Friday it is suspending the issuance of visas for residents and nationals of countries with "widespread and persistent-intense transmission" of Ebola virus disease. As well, work on permanent residence applications for people from the affected countries is also being suspended.

The Canadian and Australian governments just told the World Health Organization to go pound salt. That's what you do when a bunch of Eurotrash wankers want to inflict Hell on your country out of some insane political correctness.

What's Obama doing? The opposite. He's in fact bent on IMPORTING Ebola patients to the USA, not to mention moving some potentially infected soldiers to Italy for quarantine before bringing them back to the USA. Also TB and enterovirus and the Black Plague, for all of that.

What a guy, eh?

The Phantom


Occam said...

Another timely commentary Phantom. The Ebola and EV-68 contagion in the US make a couple of things crystal clear for anyone with cognitive powers ( which will naturally exclude the Millennials, yuppies, hipsters and gen-X who have had their consciousness redirected to petty self-interest by pop culture and MSM).

First we should be aware that North America has been put in danger and is suffering the start of the first real epidemic since modern sanitation, pubic hygiene and epidemiologically directed border control eradicated the historic killers – pox, cholera, yellow fever and plague virus. Vaccines extinguished the rest. If we experience epidemics in the modern age it is because these hard won safeguards have been turned off.

The second thing we learn from this new contagion is that it is the result of politics – the cynical politics of the ruling political class - the type of criminal cynicism which will put the nation at risk of epidemic to secure an imported dependent horde who will be turned loose on an unsuspecting (fixed) balloting system, thus perpetually securing power of the current klepto-statists in Washington.

The Third thing we learn is just how Feudal the US has become – when one man can turn off entire safeguard systems (like boarder security and disease control) this alone should give Americans pause to reflect on a permanent correction.

Last but most importantly this fully avoidable contagion and probable epidemic should make it clear to Americans that the ruling/political class hold them, their freedoms and lives in deep contempt – they are expendable domesticated livestock who are kept to serve the interests of the kleptocratic cabal in power. They should also purge their media who have kept the size and danger of this government criminality out of the news cycle.

A correction is due – those in power are openly killing children for political gain. Indictment needs to be sought.

The Phantom said...

Hi Occam.

I read on Drudge yesterday/Saturday that The One has posted an Executive Order which indemnifies "contractors" from being sued if somebody catches Ebloa from a patient they transported.

As of the same day, what's all over the news? The NFL.

Coincidence? I think not.

WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

A sort-of followup: While the hype machine has been playing up Africa, it turns out Mexico has a playmate in India--meet NDM1!

Capcha: such ghtior